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1. Round Edge Wood Frames

When a log is cut into boards the outer sides of the log are byproduct and offered at discount since they have rounded edges. I reclaim and reuse these boards to make my frames.  When fresh cut these boards are not intended to be the same.  When used they are exposed to different environmental conditions.  As a result each frame is slightly different.

When I create the frames I use different board width depending on the size of a picture:

This is 10″x12″ canvas print with 1″1/2″ wide sides.

This is 12″x24″ cotton rug print with black mat board and glass. The frame side is 2″ wide.

2. Fir Wood Frames

For this type of frames I buy new fir boards from a lumber store. The lumber comes from B.C. I make the frame and stain it with translucent stain. Smaller works are framed with 1″1/2″ wide boards while bigger ones with 2″1/2″ wide boards.

I can customize these frames to different type of wood such as: maple or oak. Please contact me for a quote.

3. Prices For Framed Pictures:

The prices listed below are for finished products: print and frame.

The price is the same for all the frames offered. As well as for different type of prints.
The frame size refers to the inside dimension of the frame.

Name Frame Size Price
Companion 11″x14″ $180
Standard 16″x20″ $340
Master 20″x30″ $600
Gallery 30″x40″ $900
* Gallery 2 40″x60″ $1200
Panorama 1 10″x20″ $220
Panorama 2 20″x40″ $800
* Panorama 3 40″x80″ $1400

* offered only for canvas prints.

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