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This website features Ned Radan Fine Art Photography.

All images are copyrighted. Please contact me for collaboration.

The main product on this website is framed art photography by Ned Radan. Images, printing and framing done exclusively by Ned Radan.

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- Check Western Art framed in reclaimed Live Edge Wood Frames.
- Modern Barn House Style Art framed in reclaimed barn wood.
- Contemporary Look Art framed in gallery style frames.
- Limited edition works are sold in edition of 25 pieces. Each subsequent piece is sold for more money than the previous one.


- I do custom printing and framing. My specialty is picture frames made of reclaimed wood. Please contact me for a quote.


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- Places in the past where I exhibited my works.

Ned Radan Biography
Mission Statement
My mission is to bring inspiration and to showcase my best artistic talent by offering one of kind: image, framing and shopping experience.
I get inspired by small details. For example while walking our dog I saw beautiful sun flowers dead under the first snow. Sadly they had been at their prime a few days ago and after this snow they started to wilt. Is it similar how humans age!
By choosing a camera angle, lens scale and image post processing I try to present a subject in meaningful way. For example, the day when I photographed the sunflowers did not snow, but I added blizzard in the post processing since it better conveyed the hardship of these flowers.
My artistic process doesn't end here. I print images to make optimum use of colors and tone. As well as, I try to create one of kind presentation of my images.
Since I do the entire process from photography to framing, I strive to create one of kind finished artwork. I want to offer extra value to my customers by offering a handcrafted and one of a kind product.
Ned Radan
Calgary, Alberta
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