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Ned Radan Fine Art Photographer

Artist Statement

My mission is to create Fine Art Photographs best of my ability and to create customer value by providing excellent customer service. For me a Fine Art Photograph conveys my artistically inspired vision and fulfills my high technical requirements. I try to pass my emotional experience which I had at the time of taking the photograph to the viewer.

To accomplish this I visit a location numerous times in different weather conditions and eventually capture the image which is inspiring and unique. This is the first step in the image creation.

In the same manner a painter uses different brush strokes, colors and canvas to create their painting a photographer optimizes the image by cropping, saturating colors, blurring part of the image, creating duo tone image and using high dynamic range processing.

When I have final image on the monitor, I decide which type of paper would be appropriate for this image, and accordingly further modify the image to be shown the best way on the paper.

The amount of post processing is different from photograph to photograph. Some are done with minor adjustments. The other can have complex post processing procedures like cloning part of the image, compositing a few images in one and altering some of the colors in an amount that cannot be seen in reality.

For me the creation process is not complete until I see the image on a paper. I control the post processing of the image to completion and I will not use third party printing services as an option. For me is very essential to have full control over the printing process.

Different printers have a different rendering of colors. Furthermore an operator can cut some portion of my image to fit the format of paper. Every part of the image is important. Cutting even a small portion of the image along one side can alter the whole image.

Finally, to complete the image I create and finish all the framing for my commercially sold images. I select and finish framing package using mostly natural weathered re-purposed wood.

Ned Radan
Calgary, Alberta