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Ned Radan
My passion for photography started with my father in my teen years.   My father taught a course on application of photography in engineering. He passed on his interest in photography by teaching me all about technical aspects of photography and the proper usage of photo equipment available at that time.  He encouraged my interest through having a dark room for black and white photographs and numerous cameras.   My first assignment was to create ID photographs for my classmates in high school and the rest is history.
As a young adult I was persuaded to study engineering, knowing that I will come back to photography at some other stage in my life.  My young adulthood was interrupted by the civil war in Bosnia, being refugee and struggling for survival. My ever lasting regret is not being able to help my parents through hardships of war due to being a new immigrant to Canada.   Unfortunately when I was able to build future for myself in this country they passed away.
The longer I was away from photography the more I missed it, and hoped to get back into it. As a land surveying technician I developed appreciation for nature which is why at first I showed interest in nature photography. I proceeded to start by studying how to books, evolved into studying visual design, and finally studying art history of photography. Although, I don't have formal education in photography, through my work I try to prove my advanced knowledge of photo techniques, design, and artistic expression.
Due to my interest in photography my wife suggested to pursue photography full time and develop into professional photographer while I take care of our baby son at the same time.
So, in November 2011 I quit my job and embarked on my new journey as a professional photographer.
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