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This website features Ned Radan Fine Art Photography.

All images are copyrighted. Please contact me for collaboration.

The main product on this website is framed art photography by Ned Radan. Images, printing and framing done exclusively by Ned Radan.

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- Check Western Art framed in reclaimed Live Edge Wood Frames.
- Modern Barn House Style Art framed in reclaimed barn wood.
- Contemporary Look Art framed in gallery style frames.
- Limited edition works are sold in edition of 25 pieces. Each subsequent piece is sold for more money than the previous one.


- I do custom printing and framing. My specialty is picture frames made of reclaimed wood. Please contact me for a quote.


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Modern Barn House Art

Modern Barn House Art

Title: Wheel
Price $360

The wheel stands as a relic of days past. Once sturdy, the wheel bears the intricate scars of decay. Each crack and fragment tells a story of journeys long concluded, of fields plowed and harvests gathered. The gentle surrender of its wooden spokes to the hands of time echoes the passage of an era where the creaking of wheels was the soundtrack to hard work and simple joys.

Size: 16” x 20” image (outside: 20” x 24” )
Print Media: Canvas Matte
Frame: Reclaimed Barn Wood Frame
Photographed at: Heritage Park, Cranbrook, BC
Shipping Included in the Price

Image, printing and framing done by Ned Radan. The reclaimed wood used for the frame is acquired locally and personally crafted into frame.

Price includes shipping and handling to destinations in North America.
Paypal through my website (accepts major credit cards), I can send you an invoice over Paypal (please contact), or I can process a credit card payment over the phone.

I prefer to use UPS ground for shipping, but depends on the area where you live in. - This work will be shipped withing 1 to 3 days.

7 day Warranty from the day you receive the product – If you are not satisfied with the purchase you will be refund except for cost of shipping.
2 year warranty – I will exchange your photograph for similar work if it does not perform to specifications.

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