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Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Horses at Sunset
Title: Horses at Sunset
Price $2600

The expansive scene unfolds with semi wild horses silhouetted against the warm hues of a sunset canvas. Their untamed grace is captured within the frame of a live edge structure, blending nature’s raw beauty with the organic intricacies of the wood. As the sunlight bathes the landscape in a golden glow, the live edge frame adds an earthy touch, enhancing the immersive quality of this breathtaking moment in the untamed wilderness.

Print 5 out of 25
Size: 35” x 70” image (outside: 44” x 79” )
Print Media: Canvas Matte
Frame: Live Edge Wood Frame
Photographed at: MD of Rocky View
Shipping Included in the Price

Image, printing and framing done by Ned Radan. The reclaimed wood used for the frame is acquired locally and personally crafted into frame.

Price includes shipping and handling to destinations in North America.
Paypal through my website (accepts major credit cards), I can send you an invoice over Paypal (please contact), or I can process a credit card payment over the phone.

I prefer to use UPS ground for shipping, but depends on the area where you live in. - This work will be shipped withing 1 to 3 days.

7 day Warranty from the day you receive the product – If you are not satisfied with the purchase you will be refund except for cost of shipping.
2 year warranty – I will exchange your photograph for similar work if it does not perform to specifications.

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