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Ned, not sure if you are on instagram but we posted a shot of your lovely photo up on the wall in our front reception! Absolutely love that shot and really want to thank you for the lovely gift!

Jim Button, Village Brewery

Today I took the link from FCC to your website and enjoyed seeing your website and your images. I especially enjoy Black and White compositions and wish you all the best.

Dave Dearborn

We cannot do it without your help. Thank you for supporting Helping Families Handle Cancer.. Your support helps us continue our work in helping families who are struggling with bills while their child is dealing with pediatric cancer.

(contribution of $400)
Carie Stock

Just wanted to leave a quick note on Ned’s site as we had Ned take images for our wedding on Sept 22, 2012 and we are so pleased with the results! He was very professional and the pictures are crisp and clear with many extra shots we didn’t expect.Ned even took images of our guests arriving! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding or event photographer.

Thank you Ned

Lara M.

Thank you so much for participating in this year’s Helping Families Art Exhibit. Each of your pieces sold for $50. We appreciate that you contributed your artistic talent to help us raise $16,000!
Thanks to you, these families can focus on that which is most important: spending time with their loved ones.

Dave Latos
Helping Families Handle Cancer Board of Directors.


I offer one on one instructions to explain how to:

  • use camera advanced features,
  • demonstrate operation of film 4×5 view camera,
  • edit images,
  • help you develop sense for visual design,
  • discuss art,
  • make picture frames,
  • stretch canvas prints.

Contact me to discuss details about the topic you want to study. My hourly rate is $25.