Ned Radan Fine Art Photographer

About Ned Radan


Since I was teen my passion was photography. Even though, my background is land surveying I knew that I would come back to photography at a later date since I have a great love of nature and the outdoors. I first started as a hobby photographer to escape city crowd and later on developed into a passion, and an ambition to pursue photography at a professional level.     IMGP1935    

I studied photography on my own from books. I would read a chapter or two of a book, go for a hike with my camera and in the evening I would edit and analyze the images. This would repeat whenever I have free time.    

My wife and I have a one year old son, and she suggested I pursue photography full time while taking care of the baby.    

I think the camera equipment is not crucial for making successful images, but the ability of a photographer to see what other people cannot see.    

In Calgary, November 21, 2011.    

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